Stars Align As Ricky Gervais' David Brent Guest Stars On 'The Office'

Stars Align As Ricky Gervais’ David Brent Guest Stars On ‘The Office’

It goes without saying that NBC’s Americanized verison of The Office has been a smash hit since its debut in 2005. It did have a bit of a rocky start as some fans panned the show for being a cheap knockoff of Ricky Gervais’ UK original. Later, the show earned its wings and became a staple in current American comedies.

While the shows gone on to create its own identity, Gervais has slowly made his way into the hearts of American TV viewers everywhere. So it only makes sense to have Gervais’ Office character David Brent meet Steve Carell’s Michael Scott.

That’s exactly what happened in last night’s episode of The Office, as the shows cold open included a meeting of stars between Carell and Gervais and we have that clip just for YOU!

Check it out after the jump, and catch the rest of The Office season 7 every Thursday night on NBC.

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