‘Wolverine vs. The Hand’ Fan Trailer Fills the Void Before Sequel

‘Wolverine vs. The Hand’ Fan Trailer Fills the Void Before Sequel

I’ve seen some fan-created trailers and title sequences that easily rival the sort of stuff we see out of professional studios. And it only makes sense, given the lengths some fanboys will go to when it involves one of their fave series.

Gary Shore, is just that kind of fan. And good news for us: he loves Wolverine. So, while we wait patiently for Darren Aronofsky to film the next chapter of one of our favorite X-Men characters, Gary Shore has released a moody take on Logan that offers a tiny peek at how the next flick may unfold.

Shore, who happens to be a commercial and music video director, filmed some storyboards showing Wolverine battling those evil ninjas known as the Hand and managed to lay down a score that is both moody and ethereal.

But enough talking, let’s get to the watching, shall we? Hit the jump and watch this amazing fan creation for yourself.

Wolverine Vs The Hand.

Excited for the next chapter of Wolverine? So are we, but 2012 feels a long way away. All we know is that The Wolverine will focus on Logan traveling to Japan to train with a samurai warrior. Have any more insights on the flick? Be sure to share ’em in the comments section!