Shane Black Directing ‘Iron Man 3′

Shane Black Directing ‘Iron Man 3′

We’ve had rumors, of course, as we always do. First it was Jon Favreau who was going to come back for Iron Man 3. Then, he officially stepped away. After that, other directors were supposedly in the running.

But now, it seems, the decision has been made and the man in charge of Iron Man 3 is writer/director Shane Black. According to reports, Black is currently in those “final negotiations” but, of course, everyone in and around Marvel is not letting anything out just yet.

I know what you might be thinking: why Shane Black? The writer of Lethal Weapon 1 and 2? What does he know about comic book action movies? However, Black directing Iron Man 3 isn’t as crazy an idea as it might seem to some.

He’s had a long relationship with Robert Downey, Jr. after working with him in the underrated Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang which, among other things, helped to revitalized Downey, Jr.’s career. He’s also been around and worked with many of the biggest action directions of all time such as Richard Donner, Renny Harlin and Tony Scott, so some of that has got to rub off.

Besides, what did Favreau really know about big budget comic book action movies when he took on the original Iron Man? Not that much but it seemed to turn out pretty well. I, for one, am going to give Shane Black a chance. Maybe you should too.

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