Get Your First Look at ‘X-Men: First to Last’

Get Your First Look at ‘X-Men: First to Last’

We like the X-Men. We also like it when our friends at Marvel send us previews for upcoming comics.

So when both of those things are combined, it’s an even better day. Case in point is this new preview for the upcoming X-Men: First to Last story arc.

Beginning with X-Men Giant Size #1 and continuing in X-Men #12, writer Christopher Yost returns to the X-Men with artists Paco Medina and Dalibor Talijic. In the comic you will “discover the staggering consequences when Xavier’s first class arrives in the future to tackle their greatest foe yet.”

“Can the X-Men of yesterday and today tackle their greatest enemy that neither can remember? The Evolutionaries are coming and their rampage through the Marvel Universe will reverberate through the lives of all X-Men past and present, first and last.”

Sounds awesome, no? Check out a preview of the new comic after the jump. X-Men: First to Last begins in May.