Twisted Pixel Showcases ‘Ms. Splosion Man’ and ‘The Gunstringer’ at GDC 2011

Twisted Pixel Showcases ‘Ms. Splosion Man’ and ‘The Gunstringer’ at GDC 2011

In December, the Flickcast was happy to reveal that Twisted Pixel Games had announced a new member of the ‘Splosion family with Ms. ‘Splosion Man. Without seeing actual gameplay footage though, one major concern did come up. Would Ms ‘Splosion Man just be more of the same with a pink coat of paint? From what we can tell from the GDC demo (see below) this isn’t the case. While the core mechanics of ‘Splosion Man haven’t changed (i.e. blowing up), it looks like a whole new level of complexity has gone into the levels.

New traps, tactics and tools look like they await in the levels of Ms. Splosion Man. It does look like certain characters and bosses will be making their return as well alongside movie quotes and Twisted Pixel’s eccentric sense of humor.

Check out the full gallery and gameplay trailers after the jump.

Twisted Pixel is also bringing a new title to the Kinect this year with the Gunstringer. Players will use one hand to control their marionette character’s movements while using the other to paint targets and let off flurries of gunfire in this western adventure. Of course, with Twisted Pixel, nothing can ever be straight forward and serious. The demo reveals one of the first bosses in the game as one of the arm flailing blow up men that used car lots use to flag down potential customers.

While we haven’t gotten our hands on with it yet, there is some potential for a very unique control scheme that would complement the strengths of the Kinect hardware, which is something that hasn’t been shown since the Kinect launch. Take a peek below at the extended gameplay trailer in action.

If you are going to be around for PAX East, make sure to check out the Twisted Pixel booth #723 to see the demos of both Ms. ‘Splosion Man and The Gunstringer, including the first peek at a playable multiplayer level of Ms. Splosion Man.

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