Cloud Saves Becoming Available to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

As a part of the March 10th system update for the PlayStation 3 (v3.60), PlayStation users will be allowed cloud game save support. This feature will currently only be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, PlayStation’s incentive based online subscription program which up until now has allowed for game discounts as well as features like Hulu.

According to IGN, a Playstation representative has stated, “We haven’t announced any plans for it to be available to everyone at this time.” While this doesn’t rule out free users being able to do this in the future, the space and bandwidth aren’t going to come free and a feature like this is definitely an incentive for hardcore gamers to subscribe to avoid loss of their game data from a system crash.

They also announced that 150mb of data with a maximum of 1000 data files will be allowed per PlayStation Plus account.

It will be interesting to hear if this affects PlayStation Plus subscription rates moving forward.

For current PlayStation Plus subscribers, PlayStation has given advanced instructions on how to use this feature. Check them out after the jump, and go to the cloud!

Instructions to back-up:

1. Select [Game] > [Save Data Utility].

2. Focus on the save data you wish to back up.

3. Open up the option menu using “Triangle” and select [Copy].

4. Select [Online Storage] as the destination of back up.

Instructions to copy:

1. Select [Game] > [Save Data Utility] > [Online Storage].

2. Focus on the save data you wish to copy.

3. Open up an option menu using “Triangle” and select [Copy].

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