Mastodon The Flickcast – Episode 90: Winning

The Flickcast – Episode 90: Winning

That’s right this week bring an all new episode of The Flickcast. On this week’s show Chris and Matt take on another bunch of new and recurring topics to amuse, entertain and try to keep you awake for at least thirty to forty minutes.

Some of the things discussed this week include SXSW, Emerald City Comic Con, new Tomb Raider reboot, Wonder Woman TV show casting, Superman’s mom and dad, trailers for Limitless and James Gunn’s Super and a whole lot more. And yes, there’s even a mention or two of Charlie Sheen. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Of course, your hosts also made some picks this week including Matt’s pick of the Re-Animator trilogy featuring Jeffrey Combs and Chris’ pick of the 2002’s Road to Perdition featuring Tom Hanks, Jude Law and pre-Bond Daniel Craig.

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