First Full 'Captain America' Trailer Arrives

First Full ‘Captain America’ Trailer Arrives

Ok fans, here’s the one you’ve been waiting for. The first official full trailer for Captain America has arrived (via ET) and lo it is good.

In it we get a real feel for the story and see all our favorite characters in their full glory. From the scrawny Steve Rogers and Dr. Erskine to the Red Skull, Tony Stark’s dad and the man himself, Captain America, all the characters look awesome and just as they should.

We also get a look at some of the great action scenes from the film and from the trailer we can see that director Joe Johnston and his team have gone to great lengths to make this one a worthy successor to the first two Iron Man films. Kudos to them.

In short, the movie looks great and all of us here at The Flickcast are counting the days until this movie arrives. In case you’re wondering, the number of days is 121.

Click through to check out the trailer. Captain America hits theaters on July 22nd.

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