The Antics Are Overseas Now In ‘The Hangover: Part 2′ Trailer

You know an idea is a goldmine when you can take the almost the exact premise and reuse it several times over countless sequels. Look at franchises like Saw, Fast & The Furious and Mission: Impossible. All changed slightly but used over and over and with each franchise having been very successful.

That’s exactly what is happening with Warner Bros. and Todd Phillips’ Hangover film. A great story about 3 guys backtracking a crazy night in Las Vegas has now turned into 3 guys backtracking a crazy night in Bangkok.

Sure, a few things have changed, like a tattoo instead of missing teeth, and a monkey instead of a tiger, but we are getting to the exact same place. With that, we bring you the first full-length trailer for The Hangover: Part 2.

Check it out after the jump, and catch the flick in theaters on May 26th.

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