Developers Tell You Why Alex Mercer is the Villain in ‘Protoype 2′

Developers Tell You Why Alex Mercer is the Villain in ‘Protoype 2′

That has been the question on the minds of many once they heard Alex would no longer be the star of Prototype 2. Activision and Radical Entertainment sent over a developer interview discussing this change, which can be seen after the jump, and the logic fits.

In Prototype, players spent so much time building up Alex’s power and in doing so reveal the mystery in to how he (SPOILERS) was actually the one who unleashed the virus upon Manhattan and the world. As a result, Alex is now a super powered entity with absolute power corrupting him absolutely.

On the opposite side of Alex, players have James Heller, a man who has lost his family to the virus that Alex unleashed. While his motives remain to be seen, Alex directly infects Heller with his virus which gives him powers much like Alex’s instead of killing him as it did so many others over the course of Prototype.

Also shown in the trailer below is Pre-Alpha gameplay footage. Usually games won’t show footage this early on but what can be seen is impressive. There will obviously be lots of polish put over the game before its 2012 release but things look to be on a strong course with new attacks and powers for Heller to use in his battle against Alex.

Take a peek after the jump at the story of Alex and Heller in Prototype 2 and stick to the Flickcast for more news on it as it becomes available.

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