Two New Clips From 'The Big Bang' Starring Antonio Banderas

Two New Clips From ‘The Big Bang’ Starring Antonio Banderas

The Big Bang looks like a bug nutty movie, totally the kind of crazy that is either inspired or down right horrible. I appreciate that the film takes stylistic risks to stand out, and the cast assembled is pretty stacked, so I am willing to give it a shot.

In anticipation of the May 13th limited release, Anchor Bay has released 2 new clips from the film. In the first clip we get to see a pair of the stellar character actors that populate the film playing the cops firing on our hero. The awesome Thomas Kretschmann and the awesomer Delroy Lindo unload a barrage of bullets into Banderas’ car. He, of course, responds in kind.

In the second clip we see a far more important piece of the story. Banderas is at his private eye desk, doing his private eye things when a mysterious giant appears. This is likely an important moment from earlier in the film, setting up the main action for the rest of the movie.

These clips are pretty standard for the private eye genre, but the trailer has promised something far more interesting and generally nuts. Hopefully these new tidbits will fit into the context of the film in a satisfyingly crazy way. Check out both clips after the jump.

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