HBO Go Hits iOS and Android Devices

HBO Go Hits iOS and Android Devices

I guess its’s a good thing I decided not to cancel HBO. If you’re considering ditching your premium subsctiption to the HBO service, you might want to re-think it too. Why? Read on.

The long-anticipated HBO Go app just hit the iOS App Store and Android Market, bringing original HBO series and a variety of blockbuster films to your mobile device. You’ll need an HBO subscription with your cable or satellite provider to get past the login screen, but unlocking all that the service has to offer is a pretty easy experience.

Although, it doesn’t seem Time Warner Cable is participating so if you’ve got that cable service, you’re out of luck — at least for now.

However, as I’m both a Time Warner and DirecTV subsciber (don’t ask) I was able to authenticae using my DirecTV sibsctiption and was off and running. This app features a pretty amazing collection of programming including pretty much every episode of every show HBO has ever aired plus many of their movies as well. Plus, you can also watch these programs via your computer as well. But you’ve got that fancy iPad or iPhone so why not watch it on those instead, right?

So, if you’re an HBO subscriber, head on over to your iOS or Android stores and check this app out. It’s pretty cool.