Check Out Previews for Tonight’s ‘Community’ Paintball Season Finale!

Check Out Previews for Tonight’s ‘Community’ Paintball Season Finale!

NBC’s Community is one of those show that just keeps getting better and more interesting with each new episode. Fortunately, its coming back next season for more fun with the gang at Greendale and we’ll get to experience more of the hijinks of Jeff, Britta, Troy, Abed, Shirley, Chang, Pierce and Annie.

But tonight, things are getting intense with the second part of the “paintball” season finale that’s sure to bring the awesome. Of course, we’ve got previews for tonight’s episode to share with you right here.

I case you’ve forgotten, here’s the scoop so far: The Greendale gang is in the midst of an intense paintball war and things are just getting exciting after the elimination of Josh Holloway’s gunslinger last week. This week, get an early taste of “Operation: Troy’s Awesome Plan”, see Alison Brie freestylin’ it and much more.

Also, tonight there’s a brand new Office and double the Parks and Rec fun with two episodes. All this, and more, starts with Community at 8/7C on NBC.

Check out all the Community goodness after the jump.

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