New 'Super 8' Clip Hits the Net

New ‘Super 8’ Clip Hits the Net

We’ve been following this one for a long time since the days when we only knew a bit about the story. Fortunately, over the months we’ve gotten more and more info about J.J. Abrams Super 8, including a poster and a couple trailers.

Now, as the movie is getting even closer to its release date, we’ve got more to share with you in the form of an actual clip from the movie.

In this one we’re given a bit more of the scene where the kids are making the film that causes all the trouble. Unfortunately, a lot of it is the same footage we’ve seen already including the truck versus train explosion and the kids running from it.

It does, however, play up the obvious budding romance between the main kid and the girl that almost gets away. I wonder if, during the course of the film, those two crazy kids finally get together? And by “get together’ I mean hold hands or have one very innocent kiss, much like Elliott did during the “free the frogs” sequence in E.T. It is a Spielberg homage, after all.

Even if we have seen a lot of it before in other trailers and whatnot, it only serves to enhance my desire to see the entire film. Damn you Abrams, you got me.

Check out the new video after the jump. Super 8 arrives in theaters on June 10th.