E3 2011 Xtra: 'Rise of Nightmares' for XBox Kinect Screens and Trailer

E3 2011 Xtra: ‘Rise of Nightmares’ for XBox Kinect Screens and Trailer

So back in 2010, Microsoft debuted the next great technology, where they let people be their own controller. No more holding plastic gizmos to get characters on screen to perform actions. Instead, they just had to do it themselves and their character would follow suit. People could bowl or play soccer in Kinect Sports, river raft and traverse obstacle courses in Kinect Adventures and improve their dance moves with Dance Central… and then there was a drastic shortage in titles for the Kinect that anyone really cared about playing.

This E3, Microsoft intended on showing people this wasn’t the case when they announced a slew of new Kinect games and the implementation of Kinect in other existing titles and franchises. One of the stand out titles in terms of curiosity is Rise of Nightmares from SEGA. Now, the horror survival genre is nothing new. Games like the early Resident Evil and Silent Hill perfected the formula early on. It has even made its way to the first person with titles like F.E.A.R. and Condemned. But never before have those trying to survive been forced to fight their way out with their own two hands… and feet… and even head.

Rise of Nightmares promises to not only let players use their body as the controller, but it also acts as the weapon to. It’s one thing to punch a zombie’s face off, but it’s a whole other thing to headbutt it clear off. This is definitely a game we will be keeping an eye on and will hopefully be getting some hands on preview coverage with in the coming months.

Check out the live action teaser trailer and in game screens below and stick to The Flickcast for more on Rise of Nightmares coming to the XBox 360 for Kinect.