First Footage From NBC's Failed 'Wonder Woman' Pilot Surfaces

First Footage From NBC’s Failed ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot Surfaces

Just when we thought we’d have to wait for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con to get a first glimpse at David E. Kelley’s failed pilot for NBC starring Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman, Christmas seems to come a bit early.

We’ve got some very rare, very raw footage from the never-to-be-seen episode in which Palicki’s Amazonian princess takes on a team of thugs. The footage is very reminiscent of a few other failed comic book properties such as Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four and Fox’s failed Generation X pilot.

This is the very first footage we’re getting from the pilot, so be sure to judge and comment away, as we’re pretty astounded as to how the master of legal comedies like Boston Legal and The Practice could do something like this.

Check out the scene after the jump, and be sure to keep an eye out as more footage will likely surface as we get closer to convention season. And yes, she’s wearing the hot pants in this scene.