SDCC11 Preview: 'Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers' #1

SDCC11 Preview: ‘Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers’ #1

With San Diego Comic Con fast approaching, some friends of the Flickcast have sent us advanced looks at their new releases which will be brought to the public for the first time at Comic Con. In this SDCC 11 preview, we are taking a peek at the first issue of Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers. Back at NYCC last year, we previewed issue 0 of the series. Now, Jeff Marsick and Kirk Manley, along with colorist Euan Mactavish, bring the first issue of a five issue miniseries to the floor at San Diego.

The first issue of Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers: Odyssey helps introduce readers to the zombie heroine Z-Girl and her three brothers in arms, the Tigers. Each of the Tigers has mastery over different elements as well as a military role on the team. Currently, Z-Girl and her squad are down a member as they attempt to stop a anthropomorphic ape Tavvus from summoning the spirit of Shiva to destroy the bane of humanity from the world. The second half of the issue revolves around the repercussions of this encounter as well as the Red Tiger’s spirit search for a new host to help round out the team.

Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers is a fun take the combined sci-fi, horror and action genres. Lots of influence can be seen from other successful works such as B.P.R.D. without feeling like a rehash. The combination of sci-fi tech and ancient mythologies leads to a creative and original first issue that leaves readers waiting to see what comes next.

Make sure to check out Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers at Comic Con at Booth L-11 in the Small Press section and check out a preview of the first pages of it below.