SDCC11 Preview: 'Headlocked Chronicles'

SDCC11 Preview: ‘Headlocked Chronicles’

Yesterday in our San Diego Comic-Con Preview, we took a peek at Z-Girl and the 4 Tigers. Today we take a look at the Headlocked Chronicles. From Michael Kingston, Headlocked is the first ever comic that takes a realistic look at the world of professional wrestling. Unlike the WWE’s sports entertainment branded comics that place their superstars in the role of more traditional comic book super heroes, Headlock takes a peek behind the curtain at the inner workings of the wrestling industry.

In the first Headlocked miniseries, the Tryout, which featured covers from WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “the King” Lawler, Kingston told the tale of Mike Hartmann, a college theater major who falls in love with the world of wrestling and sets out on his own journey to become a part of it. Headlocked shows that the wrestling world is far from being all glitz and glamour as Mike goes through a pain filled try out where one of the old guard tries to weed out those he doesn’t feel deserves to be a part of the business.

Headlocked is an intriguing take on an original concept revolving around a world not many people fully understand. The pages of Headlocked are greatly reminiscent of some of my own experiences in an industry that is as drama filled behind the scenes as it is on TV. It is a great representation of the world of Wrestling.

At Comic-Con, Headlocked will be releasing a special $2 preview issue, the Headlocked Chronicles, which reprints one of Headlock’s original 5 page stories as well as a brand new 8 page tale and a ton of new artwork and sketches. Headlocked can be found at booth 1901.