'Binary Domain' Weapons Trailer Revealed

‘Binary Domain’ Weapons Trailer Revealed

The world of first person shooters runs rampant in the video game industry but there are very few third person shooters that receive the hype of Gears of War. Military shooters constantly clone Call of Duty hoping to unseat the champ and futuristic sci fi shooters like Resistance look to topple Halo. But Gears of War has gone largely unchallenged. Until now.

Enter Binary Domain, a futuristic cover based third person shooter where players must survive an onslaught of machines that just don’t seem to want to die. Not only does Binary Domain from SEGA look amazing but it doesn’t look to be a Gears of War rip-off either. Aside from the obvious difference in enemies being crazed robots as opposed to creepy underground monsters, the environments are also drastically different too. Binary Domain is more reminiscent of  with fairly clean city that hasn’t had the waste of war laid fully upon it yet.

Binary Domain, as seen from the trailer, looks to be quite the challenging game too as players won’t be able to just take out enemies with a few well placed pop shots like they can against mortal enemies. These robotic threats look like they can keep a licking and keep on ticking. After blowing off limbs, these mechanical attackers will continue coming at players, much like certain zombie games interestingly enough. This definitely changes up the pacing seen in most third person shooters thus far.

Take a look below at the weapons trailer for Binary Domain and stick to the Flickcast for more on this February 2012 release for XBox 360 and PlayStation 3.

  • Jigs
    February 9, 2012 at 12:30 am

    As a DC asitrt, I won’t argue how good or bad the story is. If I say it’s great, it sounds like a paid endorsement, if I say it sucks I’m publicly backstabbing friends. But I will second Francisco on Hal Jordan.Francisco has it exactly right on Hal Jordan. This is Hal Jordan at the start of his Green Lantern career. Of course he’ll do something obvious! He’s a fighter pilot who just got his ring less than a year ago. Give him a few months to figure out his new toy. It’s just like writing or drawing: you start off by copying the familiar.Also, never specify something in the pages of TCJ as fact unless you’re sure. There’s no F#@%ing way that that is an F-15 fighter. Look at the picture of an F-15 you posted. Does that look like the same plane? It’s probably a modified F-35, a much more recent design. I’d hate for people Googling F-15 to end up on this page. The F-15 and other US jets of that period (70-80s) have straight up and down sides on the jet intakes. More recent jets have slanted side walls to aid in radar evasion. Please correct.