Final 'Captain America: Super Solider' Character Dossier

Final ‘Captain America: Super Solider’ Character Dossier

With Captain America: Super Solider coming out next week, SEGA brought forth one last set of character dossiers to look at before the game’s release. From what we can see, Captain America: Super Solider is already visually more impressive than Thor: God of Thunder, which is a huge plus. Maybe because Chris Evan’s face is more obscured than Chris Hemsworth’s was in the Thor game but this title doesn’t leave us cringing when we see the trailers on TV.

What we are most curious about is the actual gameplay of Captain America: Super Solider since we haven’t gotten any advance hands on time with it. When we get our review copy next week, just in time for Comic Con, we will find out if developer’s promises live up to the hype they have given us for the game. While Thor: God of Thunder was a poor God of War / Dante’s Inferno ripoff, Captain America: Super Solider looks to be more of an action platformer instead of just a simple beat ’em up.

We are looking forward to giving you our full review of it next week. Until then, enjoy the final look at the characters coming to Captain America: Super Solider for the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Nintendo DS on July 19th.

In this all new behind the scenes feature for Captain America: Super Soldier, Game Director at Next Level Games, Brandon Gill, talks about the balancing movie, comic and video game in the creation of Captain America: Super Soldier.

“SEGA and Marvel were excellent partners throughout the development of Captain America: Super Soldier. During our early prototype phases SEGA was highly involved working together with Next Level Game’s philosophy of “game-mechanics first”.

“When it came time to start work on the story, we were pleasantly surprised by Marvel’s insistence that we not directly follow the plot of the movie. This combination allowed us the freedom to assess the game as a stand-alone experience and create a story to fit the game-play that we had developed.”

“Christos Gage was a pleasure to work with. He brought his talents to the table after we had already decided on many of the game-flows that fit with our prototyped mechanics. Not only did he work around our existing needs, he went out of his way to enhance all of our game-play by weaving it into the narrative. Every enemy, weapon and piece of equipment in the game has a place within the story, fleshed out and enhanced by his writing.”

“As much as the game stands alone in plot, we certainly made every effort to have it fit within the movie universe. It sits as a sort of side-story that was unexplored in the film; like an “untold chapter”.

“We also maintained characters that appeared in both the movie and the game by using the likeness of the actors. Wherever we could, we used the actors for voice work as well. Chris Evans in particular did a wonderful job voicing Cap for the game, creating a strong character connection from movie to game.”