The Third 'Hobbit' Production Diary Hits

The Third ‘Hobbit’ Production Diary Hits

Peter Jackson has never been too shy to allow cameras to document the behind the scenes machinations of the Lord of the Rings franchise. The original trilogy had hundreds of hours of special features dedicated to the creation of the popular film franchise.

Now with The Hobbit in full swing the tradition continues. Jackson has just released his third production diary, this time focusing on the recently revealed dwarves. The diary itself is structured around cast and crews favorite memories of the first block of shooting, but thigs quickly develop into a dwarf love fest. It is clear that diminutive stars of the film are quickly becoming the life of the sets.

Besides the dwarves, the diary also showcases a few quick tidbits that will make any ringer giddy. We see more of the “Riddles in the Dark” scene, including some decent angles of Martin Freeman in full costume and Gollum in his mo cap suit. Elrond, Gandalf and Galadrial show up to tease a certain council meeting and there’s a father son reunion of Gimili and Gloin.

Finally the diary ends on a wonderful surprise that I refuse to ruin for you, but suffice to say it is a comforting sight to see.

Check out all three of the first diaries after the jump. The Hobbit arrives in theaters in 2012.