Check Out This New Clip from 'Killer Joe' with Matthew McConaughey

Check Out This New Clip from ‘Killer Joe’ with Matthew McConaughey

Let’s get this out of the way in advance: I’m a fan of actor, personality and bongo player Matthew McConaughey. Even though he’s been dipping in the romantic comedy well too much for the last several years, I’ve always thought he had an edge that needed to be explored.

Looks like I’m getting my wish with his upcoming film Killer Joe. In fact, not only does McConaughey look like he’s continuing to return to better, more challenging, roles the film also marks another directing effort for one of my favorites, William Friedkin. So, win win.

The film, written by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award writer Tracy Letts, tells the story of a Dallas detective who is also a hired killer. Talk about conflicted. Check out the synopsis below and a cool clip for the film after the jump:

When 22 year-old drug dealer Chris (Emile Hirsch) has his stash of drugs stolen from him by his mother, he has to come up with six-thousand dollars quick, or he’s dead. Desperate, he goes to the trailer-park to see his father, Ansel (Thomas Hayden Church), and he lays out the plan. Chris’s mother, who everyone hates, has a life insurance policy that would clear up his debt and make them all rich. The problem is that Chris’ mother is very much alive.

Enter Detective “Killer” Joe Cooper, a hired hit man with the manners of a Southern gentleman, who will do the job – for an upfront fee, that Chris and Ansel can’t pay. Just as Joe is about to leave, he spots Dottie (Juno Temple), Chris’ innocent younger sister. Joe makes Chris an offer, he’ll keep Dottie as sexual collateral until the money is collected and his fee can be paid. Chris reluctantly puts his debt ahead of his sister and agrees to Joe’s demand.

As the days pass, Chris watches Joe with Dottie and he regrets his decision. He asks Joe to call the whole thing off, but it’s too late, the job is already done. Feeling like it’s almost over, Chris giddily attends the meeting with the lawyer to discuss the insurance payments. When he realizes that his mother’s boyfriend is the sole beneficiary and not Dottie, Chris knows he’s been duped.

When Joe comes to collect and discovers there’s no money, he uses his detective skills to get to the bloody bottom and everyone pays the price.


  • Thomas
    July 26, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    A little spoiler warning with that synopsis might be nice. It gives away about 95% of the twists and turns in the story.

    • Chris Ullrich
      July 27, 2011 at 12:50 am

      Sorry about that. Hope it didn’t ruin the movie for you.