Laurence Fishburne Cast in 'Superman: Man of Steel'....As Perry White?

Laurence Fishburne Cast in ‘Superman: Man of Steel’….As Perry White?

As a journalist, it becomes daunting to constantly report on a film with a “WTF?” attitude, but that’s exactly the reaction we have every time we get casting news about Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot/sequel, titled Man Of Steel.

With the exception of Michael Shannon and the lead Henry Cavill, every other piece of casting news has been quite questionable for a film like Superman. Between Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and Diane Lane as Martha Kent, how much weirder could this film get? How about Matrix star Laurence Fishburne as Daily Planet Editor-in-Chief Perry White? That’s right. EW has the scoop.

The casting resolves the question of what Laurence would be up to following his departure this May from CBS’ long-running CSI after just over two seasons. (Ted Danson will take Fishburne’s place on the show this fall.)

White has traditionally been a hard-charging, old fashioned newspaperman, who relies on his ace reporters, Clark and Lois, to get the big scoop. Jackie Cooper played White in the Christopher Reeve-era Superman films, and Frank Langella took on the role in director Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns in 2006.

In a move that can only be compared to Marvel’s take on Nick Fury as portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, this is obviously the boldest move that Snyder has taken in making his Superman film stand out more than the rest.

The final bit of casting we’re still hesitant to hear about is Lex Luthor. With practically no name off limits, who could Snyder and Warner pick as their evil billionaire? Jack Black? Snoop Dogg? We’ll hopefully have an answer soon enough.


  • Bedlam
    August 4, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    Interesting?  You compare casting an Oscar nominated actor in a minor role where race isn’t essential to the character, to casting Jack Black and Calvin Broadus in a major role with which they are probably not suited for?  I don’t think fanboy favorite Christopher Nolan is just throwing darts at a wall when he’s making casting decisions.
    And the Samuel Jackson thing isn’t comparable since Jackson is playing Ultimate Nick Fury whose look was based on him.

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