Interview: SOE's Mark Anderson Talks 'Fight for the Light' Expansion for 'DC Universe Online'

Interview: SOE’s Mark Anderson Talks ‘Fight for the Light’ Expansion for ‘DC Universe Online’

When DC Universe Online launched earlier this year, it was possible to recreate almost any character, classic or modern, that fans of comics have loved for decades. There was one group of heroes and villains though that was noticeably left out in terms of power sets though. The Lanterns. Green, Red, Yellow, Blue and all the others had no presence in DC Universe Online from the player community. Sure they could fight alongside Hal Jordan but without a power ring of their own where is the fun in that?

Coming at the end of summer, the Fight for the Light expansion comes to DC Universe Online allowing ring based power sets to create a new array of combat options. Boxing gloves, freight trains, fighter jets, machine guns and more all produced by little green rings will up the ante in DCUO.

At Comic-Con, Mark Anderson from Sony Online Entertainment spoke with The Flickcast about what we would see in this expansion. In addition to seeing sights like Coast City or the Science Cells on Oa, the expansion will also help wrap up the story with Brainiac and the anomalies of the power rings. Players will be given the role as Corps Reserve members to help explain why so many lanterns are running around in a single sector.

Off camera, Sony talked to us about the security intrusion they suffered a few months ago. While they did admit there was a loss of business and the player base, they only commented that it was not as many people as people would think who left the network because of it.

Check out our full interview below, along with Matt Raub getting some hands on time in the background, and stick to the Flickcast for more on DC Universe Online, the Fight for the Light expansion and all your video game news.

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    Interview: SOE’s Mark Anderson Talks ‘Fight for the Light’ Expansion for ‘DC Universe Online’ | The Flickcast…