John Barry's Score for 'The Black Hole' Gets New Release

John Barry’s Score for ‘The Black Hole’ Gets New Release

Recently film music legend John Barry past away. It was a great loss for the film score community, Barry wrote some of the most well known themes and scores of all time during his career. Most people know Barry most for his work on a large number of James Bond movies, but me personally, my favorite score is from the undereducated Disney film The Black Hole.

The guys over at Intrada Records have recently struck a deal with Disney to release some of their more classic scores and thankfully the need for a fully restored The Black Hole was high on their priority list. Beyond the quality of the score itself, the music for this movie has historical significance:

John Barry’s score was the first digitally recorded soundtrack in motion picture history and was recorded using the 3M Digital Recorder. The format was used sparingly for several years until technology moved on, and due to its limited use, finding working machines had become quite a challenge some 30 years later.

Randy Thornton’s producer’s notes chronicle the entire odyssey through the investigations and trials until successful transfer of the 32-track digital elements, with simply stunning results.  Now The Black Hole is presented in complete form with a striking clarity not heard previously.

This new release is available now from Intrada’s website.