SDCC11 Extra: Talking 'Payday: The Heist' with Overkill Software

SDCC11 Extra: Talking ‘Payday: The Heist’ with Overkill Software

Even though SDCC is already a month removed, we still have some games news still to cover. One of those stories is that of Payday: The Heist. Coming from Sony Online Entertainment, Payday: The Heist is a four player cooperative shooter inspired by the combination of the movie Heat, the most famous heist movie of all time, and the game Left 4 Dead, a stunning example of cooperative shooter gameplay.

This isn’t the first time Heat has played inspiration to the video game world. Anyone who got into Grand Theft Auto 4 will remember one of the best missions of the game comes from the bank robbery based off of Heat. Now, instead of a third person single player experience, gamers can team up with up to three friends to take down a bank and try to escape with their winnings a la Left 4 Dead, minus the zombies.

Players need to be conscious of everything from hostages which can be used as currency to revive killed teammates to security cameras which can be disabled in order to reduce the amount of intel available to SWAT and hostage extraction squads.

At Comic Con, I got the opportunity to talk to Ulf Andersson from Overkill Software while Matt Raub got to play a demo of the game. Matt immediately said that when our review copy comes, he wants to be the one reviewing it. Though simple in nature, the demo was engrossing enough to make Matt want to stay at the SOE booth despite the amount of other things we still had to see during our Comic Con time.

Check out our interview below with Ulf who has worked on other titles before such as Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Terminator: Salvation and Wanted: Weapons of Fate under the now defunct Grin Studios. Ulf off camera talked to us about how Overkill is a completely different beast than Grin and has the freedom to do what they want instead of being at the beck and call of a larger publisher. From what we have seen, Overkill has already surpassed anything done by Grin.

Look for yourself at what Ulf has to say and stick to the Flickcast for more on Payday: The Heist which is coming to PlayStation 3 and PC on October 4th of this year.