Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows', Netflix's Fail Song, & Mega Dodgeball are all On The Radar

Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’, Netflix’s Fail Song, & Mega Dodgeball are all On The Radar

• Alec Baldwin is very excited to be the first host of this season of SNL, so excited he felt the need to hump Bill Heder.

• Netflix had a pretty big week, between splitting off into 2 companies and pissing off their clientele. This song pretty much explains it all.

• What happens when the world’s biggest game of dodgeball starts on a football field? Complete pandemonium.

• One of the wrongest-yet-funniest comedies on TV started back up this week as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returned to FX. In order to prep for the season, here is the blooper reel from last season.

• Earlier this week, the folks at Sesame Street kept their pop culture nerd-cred up while entertaining the underaged masses by spoofing both Glee and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.

• Much to our surprise, the first image of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows looks exactly how we predicted it would: weird.

• Everybody loves Showtime’s Dexter, but what if it got an awesome Mad Men-style animated intro? This artist shows us.

Community had its big season 3 premiere last night, with an even bigger musical number. Exactly how weird was it? We can’t be the judge.