Check Out Previews for Tonight's New Episodes of 'Grimm' and 'Chuck'

Check Out Previews for Tonight’s New Episodes of ‘Grimm’ and ‘Chuck’

For whatever reason, many of our favorite shows discussed at length around The Flickcast water cooler are on NBC. Because of that we often feel compelled to share previews of upcoming shows with you when we get them.

Today is no exception. This time around, in honor of Friday, we’ve got previews for tonight’s all new episodes of Grimm and Chuck.

First up on Chuck, Morgan is going rogue and Chuck needs to bring him down to Earth and back into the fold. Then, on Grimm, the line between good and evil gets blurred when Nick’s job forces to protect an enemy.

All the fun begins at 8/7C with Chuck. Check out all the previews after the break. As a public service, we should also mention that Fringe is all-new tonight too. We also love that show. Set your DVRs!


Sneak a Peek at the Frosted Tips
Has the Intersect gone to Morgan’s head? Watch a preview of Friday’s new Chuck

Chuck vs. The Frosted Tips Preview, Part 2
Chuck’s got a plan to bring Morgan back to earth.


Nick’s Dilemma
The one person Nick has sworn to protect is first on his hit list.

Playing the Victim
Nick knows the true identity of the supposed victim in his latest case.

Who is Adalind?
Nick has a strange connection to the latest “victim.”

Not Your Average Beehive
Monroe and Nick explore what appears to be an enormous beehive

Hank the Flower
Hank and Nick get a lesson in bees from Juliette.

David Giuntoli Interview
David Giuntoli discusses the struggle of his character, Nick.