Check It Out: Visually Stunning Short ‘XXIT’ Is Better Than Most Hollywood Films

There’s no denying it: we are living in an era at the mercy of the Internet. This very site is proof that many folk’s day-to-day consists of interesting and amazing new treasures they find all over the web, which is growing exponentially every day.

That’s when we like to come across something like today’s find and push it out to everyone who has yet to see it, because use of modern technology has made one of the world’s most treasured pastimes of the cinema more science fiction than anything else.

The folks over at Stargate Studios have put together this short, titled XXIT, which is a little bit Blade Runner and a little bit Terminator, but done with some of the most visually stunning effects and technology to date. For instance, this short film was shot entirely on the Canon EOS C300, which is comparable to the RED that Peter Jackson is shooting The Hobbit with.

The short also stars Nicolette Sheridan, who you may remember from Desperate Housewives and a John Cusack teen comedy from the 80’s called The Sure Thing. Stunning visuals, compelling story, and all made for you to enjoy at your fingertips. Does it get any better?

Take a look at the short after the jump and prove us wrong. We dare you.

  • Sam
    November 22, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Thanks for your comments.  I glad someone out there is watching! To be continued…..

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