Telltale Games Reveals Details Of 'Law and Order: Legacies' for iOS

Telltale Games Reveals Details Of ‘Law and Order: Legacies’ for iOS

Telltale games is a classy organization. They produce character driven adventure games that capture the spirit of classic point and click gameplay while still feeling modern and relevant today. Telltale also has a great ability to nail licensed franchises, really getting the tone right in a wide variety of genres.

Law and Order fans should be thrilled to know that the guys at Telltale are bringing their brand of puzzle based adventure gameplay to the mean streets of New York. Telltale announced details on their blog about the upcoming iOS game:

“Law & Order, one of television’s longest running franchises, is coming to iOS on December 22 in the form of Law & Order: Legacies! Incorporating fan-favorite characters from throughout the entire span of Law & Order, including Olivia Benson, Lennie Briscoe, Rey Curtis, and Jack McCoy, Law & Order: Legacies allows players to effectively play the legendary TV show!”

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“Searching crime scenes for physical evidence, tracking down perps, and interviewing/interrogating suspects are just a few parts of the criminal justice system that are so important to the Law & Order series. After the New York Police Department has done their part, it’s up to the New York District Attorney’s office to convict the bad guys – and you’ll be doing all of that in Law & Order: Legacies!

You won’t have to wait long to get your hands on Law & Order: Legacies, the first two (of seven) episodes will be available on December 22! Each episode will be $2.99 each and will be “universal” – purchase it on your iPhone and you’ll own the iPad version and vice-versa. You’ll get Episode 1 in the App Store while the remaining episodes will be acquired via in-app purchase! Episodes 3 through 7 along with a PC/Mac version of the game will be available in 2012!”

With the success of Back to the Future: The Game earlier this year I have a ton of faith in this project. Of course it helps that the Law and Order brand fits beautifully in a point and click adventure style, and once again it appears like Telltale nailed the characters and tone.