Coming in 2012: 'Alan Wake's American Nightmare' for XBLA

Coming in 2012: ‘Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’ for XBLA

2011 was a huge year for gaming. One of the biggest both in terms of sales but in terms of the number of AAA titles and new up and comers that made their way to the big stage. We are hoping the same holds true for 2012. Over the next few weeks we will periodically bring you info, screens and trailers on some of the games to have on your radar over the next 12 months.

All the way back in 2010, Remedy released an XBox exclusive simply titled Alan Wake. After being shrouded in mystery for the early part of its development, players would eventually be introduced to Alan Wake, a writer, who ends up living through one of his own creations. The horror action game would go on to earn an 83 on Metacritic as well as win Time magazine’s Game of the Year for 2010.

In Q1 2012, Remedy will be releasing their followup to Alan Wake with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. The game will take players out of the original Bright Falls lakeside township to the middle of Arizona where he encounters his alter-ego Mr. Scratch which was revealed in the final chapter of the original game.

Combat looks the same with the player using a light to weaken shadowy enemies before blowing them away with guns but the mechanics of the game look like they have changed. In the trailer below, you can notice a scoring system including a multiplier. It looks like combat will now award players points, most likely to introduce a leaderboard system for XBLA.

Stay tuned to The Flickcast for more on Alan Wake’s American Nightmare as well as more Coming in 2012 articles for sneak peeks at the biggest gaming releases of the next twelve months.