Box Office Report: Turns Out People Will Pay to See Liam Neeson Fight Wolves

Box Office Report: Turns Out People Will Pay to See Liam Neeson Fight Wolves

In a weekend that had tons of free-range beasts, moviegoers had the choice of watching Sam Worthington hang out on a ledge, Vampires take on genetic Werewolves, or Liam Neeson just take on wolves. And it looks like the man and his “particular set of skills” continued to dominate the hearts of men and women everywhere, by bringing The Grey to the #1 spot this weekend with an estimated $20 Million.

Close behind the dramatic man vs. beast tale was the fourth installment of the “Kate Beckinsale in leather” films known as Underworld. Not a terrible second weekend for the flick, as it raked in $12 Million, just halfing its take from last weekend. In the third spot this weekend, Katherine Heigl continues to make mens’ stomaches turn with her One for the Money “comedy”, which only made $11.7 Million this weekend.

The true sad tale this weekend was the heist-y drama Man on a Ledge, starring Sam Worthington. The flick cost upwards of $50 Million to produce and only managed to come in 5th place with a depressing $8.3 Million. Single digits for the first weekend doesn’t spell good news for Summit’s second flop in the past 30 days.

Next weekend, the families get the whale drama Big Miracle, while teens and young males have to decide whether it’s Radcliffe’s Woman in Black or the supernatural found-footage flick Chronicle to spend their 12 bucks on. Come back here next week and find out who won!

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