New Clip from 'Justice League Doom' Finally Gives Us JLA Action

New Clip from ‘Justice League Doom’ Finally Gives Us JLA Action

Coming a few weeks before the major DVD and Blu-Ray release of DC Animated and Warner Premiere’s latest release, Justice League: Doom, comes yet another awesome clip, to continue the story that left us off in the last one.

Last time, the Royal Flush Gang just got a special visit from Batman as they were attempting a routine diamond robbery. Now, we’re getting a bit more of the full team, as the rest of the Justice League shows up to take down the gang.

It’s moments like this that make you wonder why heroes as powerful as Superman or Green Lantern bother with dramatic entrances and quips when, in that time, they could have sent those villains to the moon by now. It’s one thing for Spider-Man or Batman to have quips or one-liners, but Superman? Come on…

Take a look at the clip after the jump and decide for yourself. Grab the flick on DVD and Blu-ray on February 28th.

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