Check It Out: Previews for Tonight's 'Parks and Rec', 'The Office' and More

Check It Out: Previews for Tonight’s ‘Parks and Rec’, ‘The Office’ and More

Somehow it’s Thursday again and that means new episodes of some of our favirite shows on NBC. We won’t bore you with more angry rants about the lack of Community on the schedule, we can leave that alone for the moment. Instead, let’s focus on the fun shows that are still around.

Well, to be honest, there’s pretty much only one show we know of that’s still going strong. That show? Parks and Recreation. It’s a great time and helps us forget, at least a little while, the sting of not having any Community to watch. Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves.

We’ve got previews for tonight’s Park and Rec for you today and in this episode Valentine’s Day comes early to Pawnee. Yes, it’s a V-Day episode. Don’t worry, it will be funny. We promise.

We’ve also got preview for The Office in which Jim plays hooky and things don’t go over well with his coworkers. Last, but not least, we’ve also got a preview for Up all Night, a show we haven’t really watched but it does have Will Arnett in it, so how bad can it be?

Check out all the videos after the break.


Chris the DJ
Maybe heartbroken Chris isn’t the best DJ for the Valentine’s Day Dance.

Leslie’s Mission
Leslie’s determined to find a man for Ann on Valentine’s Day.


Jim on Trial?
Jim regales the office with a somewhat fishy tale of his jury duty service.

Baby News

The team reacts to Angela’s big news.


Brotherly Love
Sibling rivalry takes over the house as Chris and his brother constantly try to one-up each other.

Lethal Cuteness
Reagan uses Amy’s charm to blackmail Ava into leading a preschool auction.

Yoked Up!
Reagan notices that Chris is acting more masculine and butch in order to one-up his brother.

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