'Community' Returns to NBC In March

‘Community’ Returns to NBC In March

Human Beings everywhere rejoiced yesterday, as NBC released its spring schedule for its Thursday night programming, which included the triumphant return of the little show that could, Community.

Looks like we may get our six seasons and a movie after all. Hearlded by many as the funniest show on television right now, Community is on its third season and stars the likes of Joel McHale, Donald Glover, and Chevy Chase.

While its premise may be simple- the show revolves around a group of friends making their way through community college- the show has had episodes about parallel universes, paintball wars, zombie attacks, and D&D games.

After airing its Christmas episode in early December, Community was put on an indefinite hiatus. While the cast and crew actively assured fans via Twitter that filming was continuing, no one could really be sure whether remaining episodes would ever air. News of casting continued to flow in this week, and now with NBC’s announcement fans are most definitely relieved to have Community return to their televisions.

While Parks and Rec goes on a bit of a break until April 19th, Community takes that time slot and 30 Rock is bumped up to 9:30 PM. When Up All Night wraps up in April, Parks and Rec returns.