'Bioshock: Infinite' Finally Has A Release Date

‘Bioshock: Infinite’ Finally Has A Release Date

The original Bioshock is a modern gaming classic. Proof that visual style and excellent storytelling are paramount qualities that can over come simple and semi-linear game play. Then the sequel came out and it sucked.

The hope is that Bioshock: Infinite can deliever the magic from the original, and everything we have seen to this point promises to do just that.

2k Games announced today that the much anticipated sequel is going to officially hit on October 16th, 2012. Setting up this marquee title in the early fourth quarter window that is becoming the premiere release season in the video game world.

One aspect of the upcoming game that has fans so excited is that it isn’t really all that much of a sequel. Bioshock: Infinite is not set in the underwater world of Rapture, but instead will take place in the flying world of Columbia. Such a dramatic change is hopefully going to help rekindle the since of awe and wonder that the original game had in spades.

The game will also be set in a different time period, actually going further back in time to a a full one hundred years ago, 1912, instead of the familiar late 1940’s of the first two games. We at The Flickcast certianly can’t wait to get our hands on this exciting new game.