Danai Gurira Cast as Michonne In 'The Walking Dead'

Danai Gurira Cast as Michonne In ‘The Walking Dead’

(Note: This post contains mild spoilers about the season finale of The Walking Dead)

At long last, the speculation can finally be over. With the news recently that David Morrisy taking on the role of The Governor in the next season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the other big casting question of who will play Michonne has finally been answered. That’s right, actress Danai Gurira has been cast in the role.

Most recently seen in HBO’s Treme, Gurira has wasted no time in getting into katana-wielding character. In fact, she makes a surprise appearance in the season finale of the show just in time to save the life of one of the main characters. And what an entrance it is.

If you haven’t watched the season finale yet, you’re in for a real treat. Not just due to the appearance of Michonne, however, there’s also another great reveal just as the episode ends which is sure to raise the happiness level of fans everywhere.

After a slow start and some uneven episodes this season, it’s great to see the show redeem itself the last couple weeks. In fact, the season finale is probably one of the best episodes since the pilot. Yes, it’s that good.

Sadly, we now have to wait until Fall to see new episodes. Knowing the story of The Govenor and Michonne as we do, or at least how it plays out in the comics, it will be very interesting to see how AMC handles it. Very interesting indeed.

I’m cringing a bit just thinking about it.