The Prison Can't Help You; 'The Walking Dead' Minimates Coming Soon

The Prison Can’t Help You; ‘The Walking Dead’ Minimates Coming Soon

As we have seen, The Walking Dead franchise has already been able to support a monthly comic, AMC’s most popular show and two toy lines. Now, a third toy line will be added to the list as favorites Rick, Dale and a horde of zombies make their way to the Minimates line. This will be the first line of toys associated with Robert Kirkman’s hit series not from Todd McFarlane’s company.

After hitting 9 million viewers in the season 2 finale, it’s safe to say that the series is now more in demand than ever before. This first wave of The Walking Dead Minimates will follow the standard Minimate format of three different two packs and a fourth variant two pack featuring a chase version of one of the regular figures.

The Walking Dead Minimates will feature accessories, in addition to the 14 points of articulation, including weapons for the human characters and additional limbs for the zombies.

The first wave will feature:

  • Rick with Roamer Zombie
  • Herd Zombie Two-Pack
  • Dale with Roamer Zombie
  • Winter Coat Dale with Roamer Zombie (Rare variant)

Art Asylum has also hinted at an alternate Toys R Us exclusive line as well. Keep your eyes peeled at your local comic shops for the latest in both the Minimates and The Walking Dead when these hit shelves soon.