'Avengers VS. X-Men: War Journals' Might Just Change How We Digest Big Comic Events

‘Avengers VS. X-Men: War Journals’ Might Just Change How We Digest Big Comic Events

The concept of ancillary books to large comic events is becoming common place. No longer does an event take place in the confines of it’s own limited series or the pages of the characters involved, now it is everywhere. Marvel’s newest event, Avengers VS. X-Men, is no exception to that new rule, although Marvel might just be changing the game a little bit.

Marvel has teamed up with MTV to bring you Avengers VS. X-Men: War Journals, a web series that gives you a behind the scenes look at the event from the perspective of the people actually creating it:

Join Axel Alonso (Marvel Editor in Chief), Tom Brevoort (Marvel SVP/Executive Editor) and Nick Lowe (Senior Editor) as they discuss putting their own personal allegiances aside to craft the biggest story in Marvel history and meet fans at Midtown Comics in NYC for the largest Avengers VS. X-Men launch party in the world! As fans argue about who will win—Avengers or X-Men—some of the hottest celebrities—DJ Pauly D, Big Time Rush and the Wanted—let you know just which team they’ve chosen! Plus, discover more bonus clips featuring the biggest names in comics exclusively at MTV Geek.

What is so potentially revolutionary about this idea is seeing the event branch out into other mediums. As of now this is just a behind the scenes web-series, but if these become popular enough we might see motion comics, cartoons or even live action shorts that tie directly into these stories. Allowing us to get the ancillary content with out spreading it so thin into 100 books.

Of course that is just rampant theorizing, in the mean time head over to MTV Geek and enjoy the well made War Journals.

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