The First Teaser Poster Arrives For the New Tarantino Film 'Django Unchained'

The First Teaser Poster Arrives For the New Tarantino Film ‘Django Unchained’

Quentin Tarantino is a filmmaker most cinephiles adore. He is a film fan a heart, so his films are a celebration of the many cinematic influences inside of him, which usually makes for a fun time at the cinema. His newest film, Django Unchained, is filming right now, but the first official poster has found it’s way online for us all to ogle at.

The poster has an incredibly simplistic design that is a throw back to the Saul Bass posters of yesteryear. This subtle, retro design is a perfect way to sell this slavery era exploitation film to us Tarantino fans, but we can’t help but shake the notion that Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio will figure heavy in the main marketing push of the film.

A star like Brad Pitt was able to help Inglorious Basterds become one of Tarantino’s most successful films.  So the studio must be licking their chops to see what star power of this film can add to the bottom line.

Speaking of the stars of the movie, a little casting tidbit for Django also came in today. The great Walton Goggins, currently of Justified fame, has joined the cast as one of DiCaprio’s slave wranglers. That is one of the best sentences I have ever had the pleasure of writing.

Check out the full new poster after the jump.

Interesting that the only thing they seem to be pushing in this poster is Tarantino, no stars, not even a title. Still the poster is gorgeous, and does everything a teaser one-sheet should do.