You Can Vote For The 'Madden NFL 13' Cover Athlete Right Now

You Can Vote For The ‘Madden NFL 13’ Cover Athlete Right Now

We don’t get a lot of chance to cover sports here on The Flickcast, it just doesn’t fit in with the world of geek culture. Well, there is one place where geek meets sports, and it is the annual spectacle that is Madden. One of the highest selling game franchises of the year, Madden is the one place where geeks and jocks and come together in harmony.

The last two years EA has capitalized on the Madness that is March, and opened up the coveted cover athlete decision to a popular vote. After weeks of head to head battles, the finals have arrived and the next Madden cover star will either be Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions or (S)cam Newton of the Carolina Pussy Cats.

For those of you who are not sports fans and don’t see what I just did there, this will be a horribly one-sided, biased attempt to sway your vote should you click this link.

You should go vote for Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. That is right, he is nicknamed after a Transformer, and how cool would it be for the downtrodden city of Detroit? I am not a Detroit fan by any means. I just play a lot of Madden, and as a Video Game AND NFL fan, I think we can do MUCH better than flash in the pan (S)cam Newton. Also I am a Saints fan, and Newton plays for a rival team.

Head over to the ESPN cover vote page and vote, the Cover will be announced April 25th at 5:00 EST on ESPN 2.

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