Next Apple MacBook Pros Coming Soon

Since we know it’s going to be at least a few months until the next iPhone comes out and seeing as the “new” iPad just came out recently, that means it’s time for Apple MacBook Pro rumors and speculation. What fun!

The folks at 9 to 5 Mac have taken it to the streets (or, the Internets to be more precise) and have come up with some new info concerning the aforementioned new MacBook Pro lineup. According to the report, Apple is getting ready to launch an all-new 15-inch MacBook Pro with an ultra-thin design, USB 3.0, Ivy Bridge chipset, no optical drive or Ethernet port and “jaw dropping” Retina display. This info comes to them via a “trusted source in Apple’s supply chain.”

The new hotness is reportedly undergoing testing as you read this with an eye to a Summer launch. I, for one, can’t wait to check it out. Although, I’m probably more interested in a new 13″ MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with these specs. I just don’t need a 15 inch display and the weight that goes with it.

Unless, of course, it weighs the same as my current MacBook Air. In that case, I might have to give it a serious look.

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