'Amazing Spider-Man' Game Reveals the Web Rush

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Game Reveals the Web Rush

Thus far, Beenox has proven their love of working on the Spider-Man franchise between Spider-Man: Edge of Time and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Between the alternate versions of Spider-Man and the original takes on some of his villains, Beenox has shown a deep understanding and respect for the character. Now, they face a new challenge with the tie-in to the Amazing Spider-Man movie. While some major points of their story are often dictated by the events of the movie, Beenox has chosen to open the world up to players much like the previous developer Treyarch had done but has taken steps to improve on their much beloved formula.

In previous titles when a player shot their web, players were forced to let the game instinctually choose an appropriate target for them to sling off of. This was also the case in combat where the foe most often closely centered in the screen became the default target for Spidey to aim at. Now, Beenox has decided to give this control to the player instead with the feature they call the Web Rush for the Amazing Spider-Man game.

Using the Web Rush, time slows down for players, presumably to represent Spider-Man’s hyper-fast reflexes like it was seen in Sam Rami’s Spider-Man film where Peter Parker dodged the bullying of Flash Thompson. During this slow down, players are given all possible targets on screen where they can aim themselves. This can be a great resource for strategically setting themselves into different combat situations.

The Web Rush also promises to allow for more than just proper positioning for combat. With it, players will be able to decide whether to use stealth methods of taking down foes, direct headstrong combat or an in and out strike and retreat method depending on the obstacles in front of them.

Take a look below at the Web Rush trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man is set to come out on June 26th for all major gaming platforms, just in time for the Amazing Spider-Man film.