'In The Army Again' Is Something That Might Actually Happen

‘In The Army Again’ Is Something That Might Actually Happen

OK, the likelihood of this story actually fermenting into an actual film is pretty slim, but it is still fun to dream. In The Army Now is Pauly Shore’s third best film, behind Son-in-Law and Biodome, which is kind of like saying it is a one-hit wonder’s third best song. But I think there is merit in the idea.

Recently during Andy Dick’s internet talk show Pauly and Andy were waxing poetic about heading back to the Army in a sequel to their mid-90s comedy:

Pauly Shore loved the idea. “We just need a script and someone to back the project and I’m in.”… Billionaire and FilmOn.TV CEO Alki David jumped in, “I’ll back it if both of you star in it.” Right there streaming live, film history was made. Andy Dick says a treatment is already written and they will be writing the script as soon as possible.

So yeah, not an imminent green-light, but some fun potential none-the-less. A lot of places online will tell you how horrible this idea is, but here on The Flickcast we want to share a more positive perspective. Andy Dick and Pauly Shore were popular and fun back in the day, and recently both have fallen on harder times. A return to that era might do them some good, and if they can drag Lori Petty and David Allen Greer out of obscurity too, then we all win right?

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