E3 2012: 'Doom 3: BFG Edition' Announcement Trailer

E3 2012: ‘Doom 3: BFG Edition’ Announcement Trailer

Hearing that id software would be bringing Doom to E3, most any gamer would expect it would be time for Doom 4, the next iteration of the series to make its way to PCs and consoles. Instead, the now Bethesda Softworks published Doom is in fact a next gen console remake of the classic, Doom 3.

In addition to a graphic overhaul, the BFG edition will also include full 3D & HMD support, the expansion pack Resurrection of Evil, a new mission pack known as The Lost Mission and both Doom and Doom 2. Also added to the Doom 3: BFG Edition is the ability for players to hold a flashlight and a weapon at the same time. This is probably one of the most frustrating mechanics of the original Doom 3 as it made the main character seem too clumsy to walk and chew bubblegum at the same time since he couldn’t hold a flashlight with one hand and a handgun in the other.

While it isn’t a new Doom, this release is probably an attempt to get Doom back in the minds of gamers for an upcoming Doom 4 announcement, probably within the next year. Doom 3: BFG Edition will be released later in 2012 to PC, XBox 360 and PlayStation 3. Check out the trailer below and stick with us for tons of new E3 trailers and announcements coming this week.