First Official 'Iron Man 3' Image Shows Off Tony Stark's Wardrobe

First Official ‘Iron Man 3’ Image Shows Off Tony Stark’s Wardrobe

Iron Man 3 will be the first Marvel Studios movie post-The Avengers, so expectations will be higher than ever for a Marvel movie. People have never been more excited about the Marvel Brand and with Marvel Studios blazing a new trail in franchise film-making, every new film is an exciting prospect.

Early word on Iron Man 3 is that Shane Black is pulling back on the shared universe concept and making sure his movie focuses primarily on Iron Man, and not a bigger picture. A dangerous, but ultimately smart choice intended on strengthening the character and his own franchise, much like solo series do in the comic world.

With that internal focus it is appropriate that the first official image from the film is very specific and very iconic to the Iron man franchise, the suits. Tony Stark looking over his seven previous suits, showing just how far he has come since that clunky Mark 1.

We might be reading too much into this, but with the film leaning heavy on the Exremis story line, there is a nice symmetry to this being the first official Iron Man image. Depending on how closely they follow Warren Ellis’ story the 8th suit will be an interesting conceptual departure from what we have seen thus far.

Take a look at the at the full size image after the jump.

I still love that original Mark 3 from Iron Man 1, but The Avengers’ Mark 7 suit is pretty great as well. Hopefully we see a little more of it before Tony Stark needs an upgrade next summer.

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