E3 2012: 'Star Wars: 1313' Cutscene and Gameplay Footage

E3 2012: ‘Star Wars: 1313’ Cutscene and Gameplay Footage

For most gamers, their most recent memory of Star Wars came in the form of Star Wars Kinect and seeing Han Solo attempting to shake his Corellian booty. After some intense therapy they may be ready to give the franchise another shot, especially after such classics as Tie Fighter, Rogue Squadron or The Force Unleashed coming from the Star Wars mythos. E3 brought the latest from LucasArts with Star Wars: 1313 (with absolutely no mention of Kinect, Move or waggle controls within a mile of it).

Star Wars: 1313 is named for the subterranean metropolitan level of Coruscant where the player will be exploring. The player will take on the role of a bounty hunter in this cover-based third person shooter game. While there are still many details left to be revealed, there has been a batch of footage released from E3 featuring a cut-scene , combat gameplay and an action set piece designed to show various aspects of the game.

Check out the three trailers after the break.