E3 2012: 'LocoCycle' Trailer from Twisted Pixel

E3 2012: ‘LocoCycle’ Trailer from Twisted Pixel

If you follow The Flickcast, you know we have always been fans of TwistedPixel and their games since the first time we met the guys at Comic-Con in 2009. Since, they have given us ‘Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, Ms. ‘Splosion Man (which I actually jokingly predicted from a press release) and their first full retail game, the Gunstringer for Kinect.

So when we heard they were acquired by Microsoft, we were hoping they’d be allowed to continue doing what they do best, unlike Rare which became the prime driving force behind avatars. Luckily, from the look of the new LocoCycle trailer which was revealed during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference (and can be seen below), it looks like Microsoft is keeping the avatars far away from TwistedPixel.

In the trailer, there is a sleek, almost Tron-like cycle being slowly revealed while a voiceover talks about a trailed and seemingly unstoppable female assassin. The big reveal, it looks like the bike is the assassin.

How this will play out in the game, we have no idea yet but with TwistedPixel behind the helm, we can’t wait to find out. Take a peek below at the trailer and give your thoughts.