The 'RoboCop' Remake Adds A Couple Solid Names To The Cast

The ‘RoboCop’ Remake Adds A Couple Solid Names To The Cast

The impending RoboCop remake is in an odd place. It is the perfect kind of pulpy, popular franchise that should be remade, but the original holds such a specific and dear place in the hearts of fans that it is up against a lot of fan distrust.

One way they can help assuage fan worries is to cast the film well. That is well underway as recently the movie has added the always game Samuel L. Jackson to play a prominent TV figure in the film. Those familiar with the original RoboCop know that Paul Verhoven used TV as a great source of satire that helped give the film it’s edge.

Bringing in a man like Sam Jackson for a role like that seems to infer that this new film might not stray that far from one of the originals most iconic aspects. Jackson also joins previously cast Gary Oldman has the geek cred for the film, as both have been very good in numerous geek level properties.

In addition to the Jackson casting, Deadline is also reporting that the female lead has been found, Abbie Cornish. The lovely Ms. Cornish is playing RoboCop’s wife, who believes herself to be a widow once Murphy gets all robo-fied. This could be a very interesting direction the film can take, as Murphy’s wife had been little more than window dressing in the first film. By describing the character as a female lead it is clear we will see much more of that awkward relationship status. It’s complicated indeed.

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