'The Hangover Part III' to Take its Insanity South of the Boarder

‘The Hangover Part III’ to Take its Insanity South of the Boarder

The first Hangover film was fantastic, really nailing a raunchy, adult comedy in a stylish way that has rarely been seen since the 80s. The second film was basically an overseas beat for beat remake of the original. A photocopy of the first, which still meant it was funny, but some luster had worn off.

Despite that the sequel made a ton of monies at the Box Office, so you knew a third would be on its way. According to Life & Style we finally have a crazy location for the wolf-pack to get lost in:

An industry insider reveals to Life & Style the top-secret filming locations. “A lot of it will be shot in Los Angeles, but then they are going to do the crazy scenes in Las Vegas again and then one wild week in Tijuana,” the source tells Life & Style. Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms are all set to reprise their roles.

Word has been percolating for quite some time that the third Hangover was going to have a bit of a different structure than the first too. This news actually leads a little credence to that as it seems the boys will have adventures all over Vegas, Southern California and even dipping down into Mexico.

The Flickcast will keep our ears out for any new updates on this big budget comedy sequel.